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It has been 5 months since we had our vacation with Missy in May 2016. We still talk about it at least once a week. It was a true vacation of a lifetime. Except we are already discussing when we will do it again! Missy is fabulous. We met her with a handshake and said goodbye with a huge hug. She was our personal chef, valet, you name it for 4 days and 3 nights. I have a health condition that I was embarrassed to tell her about, but she needed to know in case of emergency, and she was so matter-of-fact, and put me at ease instantly. I just knew I could trust her with anything at that moment.
The meals she prepared were fabulous, fine dining experiences. She would not even let Matt pour his own coffee in the morning. She truly waited on us hand and foot. The meals on the trail each day were so unexpected and delicious. We looked forward to seeing what she pulled out of the pack every day. And our dinners at night were better than we get in most restaurants in the big city. It was all truly wonderful.
It was delightful sleeping in the tipi in our bedrolls. The horses were terrific and I felt so safe even though I am not an experienced rider at all. The scenery was beautiful. We loved West Texas before we ever took this trip, and we were just thrilled to be able to ride on the 06 Ranch.
I can't say enough good things about the experience and about Missy personally. We enjoyed great conversations with her each day about pretty much any subject you can name.
Missy: we miss you and we will be back one day, hopefully SOON!

Matt and Lori Spahn

During our Spring Break tour of West Texas, our family of four spent a glorious day with Missy on one of the most beautiful pieces of land imaginable. I can not say enough about how great Missy, , pleasant, insightful, knowledgeable and down to earth, she is so easy to be around! We all learned so much about the history of the land, the wildlife in the area and the care of the current livestock on the ranch. The horses were so well cared for and a dream to ride! One of the highlights was the amazing lunch Missy prepared and as we ate we were overlooking one of the most spectacular views on the ranch. We will be back to ride again with Missy. This is not an experience to be missed!

The Binig Family

My granddaughter and I just last week had a 4 day trip with Missy and it was just awesome. It was more than either of us expected. The horses were great and the rides just spectactular. Missy is a great guide and wonderful cook. I would reccomend this experience to any one who loves the outdoors.

Tom Dearing