Action-Packed Horseback Riding Adventures

Plan a multi-day getaway in the rugged mountans of West Texas as Texas Horseback Adventures, LLC., offers a wide variety of terrain that fits all levels of riders. This vast private ranch covers 200 square miles and offers guests an open-range ride where the sky is the limit. With no pre-set routes, we can ride together for days.


My trips can accommodate six to eight guests having any level of ability and riding style. These trips are all-inclusive with meals, horses and gear, cowboy bedrolls and range tipis as well as luxurious linens and cowhide rugs in the tipi. For those who don't have the time for the multiday trip, an all-day ride with lunch is a great option. Both of these trips need to be booked in advance since these exclusive getaways are by reservation only. Non-riders may be brought up to enjoy camp life even though they choose not to ride. Prices are determined for each individual circumstance.


Pricing per person:

Day ride with lunch (4 hours): $350.00 Two-day, one night: $1100.00 Three-day two nights: $1,650.00 Four-day three nights: $2,200.00 Five-day four nights: $2,750.00


Taxes and gratuity not included. Costs are NONREFUNDABLE but fully transferrable to another date or person.

Age limit: Must be at least 18 years old to ride


Longer rides are priced at $550 per day, per person. Taxes and gratuities not included. A NONREFUNDABLE deposit of $350 per person is required to hold your desired dates and the balance of the trip is due 30 days in advance of departure. In the unfortunate event of cancellation, the ride can be transferred to an agreed upon date.

Solo rides can be booked for an additional cost of $100 per day.

The ranch is accessible by these airports:

• El Paso International Airport

• Midland International Airport

Texas Horseback Adventures Invites You:

Take a break from the stress life brings. From the moment you arrive on this magnificent ranch, the sights and sounds will slowly change, melting away the city. Sounds of horses' hooves, the jingling of bits and spurs, the quiet creak of your saddle, and the horses blowin will all begin to heighten your senses. The smell of the horses' sweat or of a rain shower in the air, the pungent aroma of the campfire with steaks cooking, or even the morning coffee will come to have a place etched in your memory. This is a horseback trip for the person who dreams of saddling up a horse and riding away from it all. Climb the mountains and take in the breathtaking view from the top with Missy Cantrell and Texas Horseback Adventures, LLC.

The Horses

While at camp, the horses are always nearby. You'll hear them come and go, anticipating their job of the upcoming days. My boys are always ready to go to work and are only a whistle away. Extra care is taken to pair horse and rider based on a guest's size and riding ability. Riders are given a very brief orientation before mounting their horse. Prior to heading out, I ensure that each guest is comfortable with their rig and can handle their horse appropriately. I keep groups small and personal so every guest feels the special attention I provide. My horses are all cow-bred Quarter Horses. These awesome creatures are sure- footed and suited to this rough country that defines this remote region of far West Texas. I'm proud of my handsome string of horses.

The Camp

The camp sits at the base of Major Peak, which can be found on a Texas map. Even though this is a "primitive" camp, meaning we don't have electricity, you will have a quaint bath house with a solar-powered hot shower as well as flushing toilets. The kitchen is set up under a two-sided structure to give us protection from weather. You will see the cattle scattered in the valley below and hear the bawl of a calf lookin' for mama. The coyotes' call will certainly be heard through the night as they call out to each other.

The Food

You can expect a gourmet lunch packed in saddlebags, served on tin plates out on the trail, and spread near a breathtaking cliff, a spring-fed pond, or during certain times of year a flowing creek. Back at camp, all of your meals are prepared in Dutch ovens and over an open campfire just as the cowboys have done for centuries. The kitchen becomes the heart of the camp as the campfire mesmerizes folks as they enjoy their favorite beverage and as we relive our day's experiences.