About Missy Cantrell’s Texas Horseback Adventures, LLC

Texas Horseback Adventures, LLC, opens the gate to adventurous individuals who want to spend time away from their daily routine, and most all of us are tied to the high-tech world around us in some way or another. This vast ranch in Jeff Davis and Brewster counties is a private property, and clients are able to spend quality time with family and friends without the crowds found at commercial dude ranches.

Why this Ranch

I'm blessed to be able to offer an adventure on one of the most prestinely maintained private ranches in Texas and quite possibly the southwest. The owners of this historic ranch are incredible stewards of their property and it is a pleasure to be able to share the experience with others who can appreciate its history and the way of life this ranch represents. All of my horses and gear deliver an above-average riding experience. This is La Frontera de Tejas and the location inspires an enthralling sense of adventure. I offer a vacation that gives you a back-to-basics feel, with a few luxuries to make your camp stay comfortable. Clients appreciate the cowboy-style amenities, from the cowboy bedrolls and range tipis, to eating meals prepared from Dutch ovens. Everything you experience will be the traditional cowboy way as it has been done for centuries.


This Texas horse vacation is for the adventurous spirit within each of us, longing for the freedom to ride for days on end, to spend time under the big skies found only in remote places, and to observe a night sky so bright with stars you'll think the moon is up. If you long for riding and sleeping in the great outdoors, you've found the vacation that will meet and exceed expectations, leaving you wishing for one more day! Look no further and book your awesome adventure today with Missy Cantrell and Texas Horseback Adventures, LLC.