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Ranch Ride with Remote Base Camp

Guests will meet around 8:30am at the ranch headquarters, an easy 25-minute drive from Alpine or Fort Davis. Personal gear will be loaded and prepared to be dropped by vehicle at the campsite so that when you arrive later in the afternoon, your gear will be there.

Guests are paired with horses based on size and riding ability. After a brief but thorough orientation, Texas Horseback Adventures will make sure each guest is comfortable with their rig and can handle their horse appropriately. You're ready to head out.

Lunch is packed in saddlebags and served out on the trail with a scenic site in mind. Guests can hike around and stretch their legs while lunch is spread. After lunch, ride through the afternoon and hit camp around 4:00pm. Once in camp, horses are unsaddled and guests are encouraged to find their gear and relax for awhile.

The heart of the camp comes to life as the fire is started and appetizers are prepared. Everyone seems to gather back at the kitchen for visiting while dinner is cooked. Guests are welcome to become as involved in camp life as they choose. There are always things to be done and oftentimes people want to learn more about this different way of life.

Day 2 will be a day ride out from base camp and Day 3 will be riding out a different route as you return to headquarters. A great luxury of riding on a private ranch is that there are no hard and fast rules for trails. There are miles upon miles to ride and there's no pre-set route of travel. Some trails are steep, rocky, and narrow, forcing riders to fall in one behind the other to climb. There will be some ranch roads and open range as well that allow for a bit more room.

Please keep in mind that Texas Horseback Adventures caters each ride to the rider who is least capable. In other words, if there is a first-time rider in the group, the trail difficulty and speed of the ride will be adjusted for that novice rider for safety reasons. If you have a group of advanced riders, rest assured Texas Horseback Adventures will tailor the ride to suit your group’s riding abilities!

Inside Tent


Duration: 2-5 days or custom
Location: Davis Mountains in the Big Bend Region of Texas
Season: Year Round
Rates: Start at $700.00 USD per person

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