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Leave the City Behind...

Computers, cell phones, and Palm Pilots each have their place in our society today. Let’s leave them there. Join Texas Horseback Adventures for an awesome time away from the pressures of your daily routine. This is a vacation of simplification, getting back to the basics, if you will, with a few luxuries to make your camp comfortable.

From the moment you meet your guide at the headquarters of this magnificent host ranch, the sights and sounds will slowly change. Sounds of horses’ hooves, jingling of bits and spurs, the quiet creak of your saddle, horses blowin’, all will begin to heighten your senses. The smell of the animals’ sweat or of a rain shower in the air, the rich smell of the campfire with steaks cooking or even the morning coffee will come to have a place etched in your memory.

This horseback vacation caters to those individuals who long to step on a horse and ride away from it all. Extra care is taken to pair horse and rider for your time together in the Davis Mountains of far West Texas. Texas Horseback Adventures intentionally keeps groups small and personal, six to eight guests to a trip. Each guest will feel the special attention. Oftentimes guests want to improve their riding skills, and your knowledgeable guide will be there to help. From the first-time rider to the professional competitor, each will be made to feel comfortable.

Guests will be on a working cattle ranch. Expect to see cattle scattered across the landscape. Wildlife is abundant in the Davis Mountains: mule deer, bobcats, coyotes, black bear, mountain lions, as well as elk, aoudad, and javelina.

At times, you will climb up mountain trails and will be forced to fall in one behind the other. In the meadows and valleys you will be able to give each other a bit more room. Guests are encouraged to enjoy their ride as well as maintain an acute awareness of safety for each person in the group. You’re a long way from the city and safety is a priority.

You will return home a bit different than when you first stepped on that horse. There is a sense of empowerment that feeds the human spirit when one spends time out in God’s country. There is something in each human being that longs to be free, an untamed spirit, and this will be a time of discovering that part of yourself.

Come to the Davis Mountains of West Texas and let Texas Horseback Adventures be part of that discovery as you make miles of memories.

Reservation Policy
An information sheet and a deposit of $300 per person is required. The balance is due 30 days prior to your trip.

Cancellation Policy
The deposit for each guest is nonrefundable due to the preparation necessary for these trips.


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